मरघट वाले बाबा |

मरघट वाले बाबा |

मरघट वाले बाबा |


Why Hanuman Ji is known as Yamunashtak

Once upon a time, there was a river named Yamuna who flowed through the land of Bharat. Despite being one of the holiest rivers, Yamuna was often neglected and polluted by the people who lived along her banks. One day, she became so frustrated with the lack of respect and care that she decided to leave the land.

Just as Yamuna was about to leave, Lord Hanuman appeared before her. Hanuman, known for his strength and devotion, listened to Yamuna’s grievances and promised to help her. He immediately went to work, cleaning and purifying the river and the surrounding area.

As Hanuman worked, he sang devotional songs and performed puja to honor Yamuna. The river was so moved by his devotion and hard work that she decided to stay and bless the land. From that day forward, Yamuna became one of the cleanest and most revered rivers in the land of Bharat.

The people of the land, seeing the change in Yamuna, were inspired by Hanuman’s devotion and began to follow his example. They too started to care for the river and worked to keep it clean and pure.

From that day on, Lord Hanuman became known as Yamunashtak, the protector of the river Yamuna. Every year, people would gather along the banks of the river to celebrate Hanuman’s devotion and to honor Yamuna’s continued blessings. And so, Yamuna and Hanuman lived happily ever after, bringing peace, prosperity, and joy to all who lived along her banks.

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