मरघट वाले बाबा |

मरघट वाले बाबा |

मरघट वाले बाबा |


How Lord Krishna and Hanuman Ji spread message of love and peace?

Once upon a time, Lord Krishna was wandering through the forests of India, spreading his message of love and devotion. One day, as he was traveling, he came across Lord Hanuman. Hanuman, who was known for his incredible strength and unwavering devotion, was immediately drawn to Lord Krishna’s message.

The two gods struck up a conversation, and Hanuman was struck by the wisdom and kindness of Lord Krishna. Krishna saw the potential in Hanuman and offered to take him as his student. Hanuman, who was eager to learn, accepted the offer and became Krishna’s disciple.

Under Lord Krishna’s guidance, Hanuman’s powers grew, and he learned the importance of devotion, humility, and love. The two gods traveled together, spreading their message of peace and love to all who would listen.

One day, as Hanuman was performing a task for Lord Krishna, he was confronted by a powerful demon. The demon, who was determined to stop Hanuman, challenged him to a fight. Hanuman, using the lessons he had learned from Lord Krishna, fought the demon with love and devotion.

In the end, Hanuman emerged victorious, having defeated the demon not with force, but with love and devotion. From that day forward, Lord Hanuman was known as a wise and powerful god, who embodied the ideals of Lord Krishna. And so, Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna lived happily ever after, spreading their message of love and devotion to all who would listen.

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